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« Last post by Grade E cat on Today at 02:58:32 AM »
Thanks for the info and welcome! Here's link to the introduction thread so you can introduce yourself properly.
General Discussion Board / Re: The Forum's Art Museum
« Last post by Lenny on Today at 02:07:22 AM »

Finally got around to doing another of these. Had to learn how to use a different video editing software, the one I was using was only a trial. But dug up an open software editor and that works. These videos are super simple to make anyway. (For those wondering I'm using Shotcut now.)
« Last post by Róisín on Today at 01:08:55 AM »
That was pretty much my thought, and wild seedling trees will be tough and adapted to local conditions. We can graft onto them from better trees if needed.
SSSS Board / Re: The SSSS Scriptorium
« Last post by Róisín on Today at 01:05:45 AM »
You are indeed evil. But good stories.
General Discussion Board / Re: Good Morning Thread!
« Last post by Shine on Today at 12:54:47 AM »
Please just kill me now.
SSSS Board / Re: The SSSS Scriptorium
« Last post by LooNEY_DAC on Today at 12:43:22 AM »
Double ending post here.

Alphabet Soup
A “Stand Still. Stay Silent” fanfic collection
Series 2, Part 23
Complete Links to Complete Links post
Spoiler: What Grossling? • show
Mia looked at Reyndis skeptically. “What are you talking about?” Her weapon was in her hands despite the question; in the Silent World, there was no such thing as too much paranoia.

“The vættur,” Reyndis expostulated, waving frantically at the spot where she’d seen the minute troll just moments ago. While the team normally spoke Swedish/Norwegian/Danish amongst themselves, Reyndis’ upset had caused her to slip back into her native Icelandic.

“Lalli?” The other Cleanser’s head popped up at Mia’s call. “Are there any vättes hanging around here?”


Mia relaxed subtly. “See? Lalli may not be a full-fledged mage,” anymore, she added silently, “like you and Tuuli are, but she’s certainly got enough juice to tell when there’s a grossling anywhere nearby.”

“Maybe it’s a weird spirit trying to play tricks on you,” Lalli offered. “I can’t usually see those, but I’ve been on their bad side before; it’s not fun.”

Mia grimaced and nodded; this epic speech (for Lalli) had brought back a few unpleasant memories of her own. “That’s probably it, Reyndis,” she agreed. “Unfortunately, there’s nothing any of us except maybe you or Tuuli can do about it.” She cuffed the Icelander’s arm playfully. “Try not to let it get to you, huh?”


“What?” Michaela shifted her feet as she turned from her position over the steaming cooking pot, her thick boots crushing the tiny vermin beast with a sickening crunch. “What grossling, Reyndis?”

Reyndis opened her mouth, then thought better of it. “Never mind; just be sure to wipe your feet before you get in the vehicle.”

Lalli had, of course, taken advantage of Michaela’s distraction to toss a squirrel into the pot, but at least she’d had the courtesy to skin and clean it beforehand.


“You know, Reyndis, this isn’t the best time to start going stir-crazy.”

For once, Sigurd was completely calm and collected when remonstrating with Reyndis; in fact, he was rather more sympathetic than his usual air of impatience would have led one to believe possible.

“I know this whole thing has been really rough on you, but we’re almost at the pick-up point and out of this place, and with everything done that we were supposed to get done, so if you can just keep it together for a few more days, we’ll be home free.” Sigurd grinned. “When we’re on the ship, you can go as stark raving mad as you want and they’ll take care of you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you know the ship’s mage!”

“You say that like it’s a good thing,” Reyndis muttered, and Sigurd laughed for the first time since Odense.


Tuuli frowned, his patience finally at an end. “Look, Reyndis…”

“No, you look!” Reyndis interrupted, pointing at the tiny round troll sitting just behind Tuuli.

Tuuli blinked at this uncharacteristic assertiveness on Reyndis’ part, then closed his eyes. When they opened, they glowed blue. “I’m looking.” The troll seemed to glow the same shade of blue that Tuuli’s eyes were for a moment, then Tuuli sang something at it and it vanished.

Reyndis let out a sigh of relief.

“How long has that thing been bothering you?” Tuuli’s voice had lost the angry edge it had held a moment ago.

Reyndis shrugged. “A few days; maybe a week. Mostly I’ve been trying to ignore it.”

Tuuli closed his eyes again. “Why were you trying to ignore it?”

“Well, Mia and Lalli thought it was some kind of trickster spirit, and I don’t know anything about dealing with those, so I tried concentrating on keeping anything worse away.”

Tuuli was losing his patience again. “Why didn’t you just ask me then?”

“I kinda… forgot.”

Tuuli went over to the nearest wall and started softly hitting his head against it, which drew Mia and Lalli into the bunk area. Before the Cleanser duo could ask anything, though, a cry rang out from outside.


And that was how the Second Silent World Expedition came to its successful conclusion on one fine morning in the early Spring of the Year 226.

The Third Silent World Expedition, on the other hand…

Spoiler: Authorial Notes • show
And so ends another AU, at least for now.

And, of course, I put in a stealth pun: what Reyndis kept seeing…

…was a Cheshire Vätte.

Because I’m evil.

Alphabet Soup
A “Stand Still. Stay Silent” fanfic collection
Series 3, Part 23
Spoiler: The Worth of a Worm • show
“The answer is still no.”

“I was just hoping that you might have reconsidered while you were laid up and all, since you had so much time to think it over.”

“The answer is still no.” This time, Emil took the time and care to enunciate each word as clearly as he could, as though the Old Man were hard of hearing or slow to understand, though Emil knew that neither was in fact the case. “Now go away.” He rolled over, turning his back to the Old Man in a calculated insult.

The smooth, oily voice that reminded Emil so much of his Uncle T was unruffled; in fact, Emil thought he heard a faint hint of amusement there. “You just think it over some more and we’ll have a good, long palaver about it next time.” And the Old Man was gone.

Emil flopped back onto his back, breathing out a long sigh of relief. He hadn’t realized until that moment that he’d been holding his breath after he’d issued his peremptory demand, part of him fearing that the Old Man would ignore it… and part of him hoping that the Old Man would ignore it.

The pain hit Emil a moment later, lightning bolts of agony shooting down his spine; to sweeten the deal, the Old Man tended to hold the pain at bay while presenting his spiel, but it always came rushing back once Emil had refused and the Old Man had left. Stick and Carrot; Pain and Relief; these were the Old Man’s weapons, and he wielded them with a master’s touch.

Another jolt ran through Emil and lingered. Tonight was going to be bad; the nights he refused the Old Man were always the worst.

Some time later—pain tended to warp your perceptions of how long anything was—Emil became aware of someone else in the room. When he finally managed to get himself together enough to look and see who it might be, he found that it was Lalli. Before Emil could gather the energy to say something, though, Lalli said just one word: “Perkele.”

“Huh?” Emil wished he could have said something more thoughtful and measured, but he simply couldn’t comprehend what his friend was trying to convey with that cryptic utterance.

Lalli sat lightly on the edge of Emil’s bed. “That’s what my grandma used to call the Old Man: Perkele. She was always warning me about falling into his clutches if I wasn’t careful.” Lalli grimaced. “She said she’d had personal experience on how one-sided his deals always were.”

“Run home, Lalli,” Emil said to his friend. “I may not have taken the Old Man’s deal tonight, but he’ll be back, over and over again, until he has his way. If he has to, he’ll kill you and anyone else who thwarts him, so run while you can.”

“You’ve been too good a friend to me for me to do that.” Lalli’s face was utterly solemn.

“I’m a worm” Emil said miserably. “Not worth the powder to blow me to joining the Old Man.”

“Even worms have their worth,” Lalli argued. “They go through the soil and renew it so the crops can grow; no farmer underestimates the worth of a worm, except at his own peril.” He stood. “I won’t abandon you, whether or not you think you’re worth it. Get that through your thick head, Emil Västerström: even when you don’t see me, I’m there with you.”

Between one blink and the next, Lalli was gone. Emil wasn’t sure his friend had ever really been in the room, but he knew that Lalli would always be there when he needed him.


Emil (and Lalli) stayed on with Reynir and Tuuri as just another hand, never complaining, always working as best he could; but he never killed anything again, unless it was a weed that needed to be pulled. Every so often, the Old Man would show up, and Emil would refuse him all over again.

Every time Emil looked too deep into a fire, he could see the Old Man laughing.

Lalli was gone by the time Reynir and Tuuri’s grandson took over the spread, but Emil was still limping on, though slower every year. He was the oldest of the hands, and they all tended to help him out when they could get away with it.

One night, the Old Man came for the last time, but Lalli helped Emil see him off. The other hands found Emil in his bunk come morning, a small smile on his weathered face…

Spoiler: Authorial Notes • show
And another ending, somewhat angsty.
General Discussion Board / Re: Eich's Goodnight Thread
« Last post by GunmanRex on Today at 12:14:09 AM »
A weekend long day works.
« Last post by thorny on October 22, 2017, 11:39:02 PM »
[ETA as top of page: responding to Róisín.]

I think we should be watching out for any food plants we come across, yes; though it's on the list of action options to go out and do that specifically, as is looking for medicinal plants. (Some of course fit in both categories.)

I think we should also note any nut or fruit trees we come across even if they're too big to transplant, and add them to maps if so -- we could try to return when they're likely to be ripe and harvest what we can eat and haul back home; and plant the seeds we get from any such harvest in a nursery bed.

(Róisín I'm sure knows this, but I don't know whether others do -- trees don't come true to type from seed: that is, seed from an apple will produce apple trees, but they won't be the same variety/cultivar, and may be more or less hardy or produce better or worse fruit -- or no fruit at all. To get the same variety it's necessary to graft the desired variety on to rootstock -- but we haven't any rootstock, either. Seed planted fairly close together in a nursery bed can be culled each year, first for vigor, then for surviving the winters and resistance to disease, then eventually for whether the fruit that's produced is any good -- each culling leaving more room for the survivors to grow, with the best trees eventually being planted into the final orchard site. Disease-resistant seedlings with suitable vigorousness that don't have good fruit can be used for rootstock to be grafted onto, including possibly using grafts from trees we find elsewhere that are too large to move.)

SSSS Board / Re: Minna/SSSS in the news!
« Last post by Jacq on October 22, 2017, 11:38:44 PM »
Hi All!

I only recently found this amazing comic after the language tree was used on the blog of Smith Journal (an Aussie magazine):
« Last post by Róisín on October 22, 2017, 11:18:14 PM »
Thorny, I'll go along with that. I think telling Ozy that he can have with our goodwill a cat that chooses to go with him is the best idea. I do wonder what the deal was with Munny. And why he 'didn't want to stay'. If we can get food supplies more reliable with garden, compost, greenhouse, jetty, kelp farm, and such, this is all good, and I presume that as we are checking out grid squares and generally going about we are also keeping our eyes open for berry bushes and young transplantable fruit and nut trees?
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